The time has come – we are now selling honey from the Balyolu summer harvest!

All of our fresh, raw, natural honey comes from Berdik village in the Eastern Anatolian steppe outside of Kars, Turkey. Over the course of the summer, we have trained and partnered with five women and their families to produce wild honey with zero additives, zero sugar, and zero medicine in environmentally friendly, untreated pine beeboxes. At an elevation of nearly 1,800 m (5,800 ft), the primary flower species found in the region are wild mountain herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, and spearmint; tundra flowers such as wild thistle, and agricultural crops unique to the region, including sainfoin, oats, wheat, and barley. By purchasing honey from Balyolu, you are helping support the local community where the honey was produced, and helping Balyolu continue its mission of providing in-village education and furthering economic opportunities for women and families.

In addition, we would like to highlight our two wonderful partners. The first is Karsak Sut, a local, ethical cheese and honey shop, which will provide cheese for our gift package. We are also very excited to partner with Cop(m)adam, a social business that works with never-before-employed women in Ayvalik, Turkey, to produce handbags and wallets from materials that would otherwise become trash, and who will now be creating the packaging for our products. Through these partnerships, we are proud to sell products that are not only delicious, but help support local rural economies and promoting economic opportunity for women.

Below is a break-down of our product options for this first year. All products are packaged, prepared, and shipped from our on-the-ground partner, KARSAK SUTCU based out of Kars, Turkey.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. ALL OUR HONEY HAS BEEN PURCHASED!  We’d like to thank all our friends and supporters who have followed us over the years and have purchesed our honey.

Thank you for your interest in and support of the Balyolu program!

With sweet appreciation, 
Cat and the Balyolu Team

2013 Product Options

THE TASTES OF KARS Gift Package: The Tastes of Kars includes a 250g jar of Balyolu honey from our five women beekeepers in the village, as well as one eski kaşar 500g (yellow cheese) sample from the region. Our honey contains a piece of unprocessed comb, which can be eaten whole and has many healthful and anti-allergy properties. The gift package comes with a wooden tasting spoon, written descriptions of the women’s stories, and explanations on how to taste the honey. The honey is packaged in beautiful hand embroidered cloth bag from the women artisans at Copmadam. The bag is made from re-purposed materials and can be used again and again as a cosmetics bag.
PRICE: 25.00 $


Bal HOney Jars flowers

Balyolu honey. Each jar comes with a piece of raw honeycomb. We also include an informative pamphlet about our mission, our women partners, and information about how to taste honey.

 PRICE: 12.00 $


Bal Honey Jar vert flowers

 PRICE: 24.00 $


Bal Honey Jars

 PRICE: 45.00 $


Bal Honey Jar comb

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